How you feel about days going by in general is the main factor that creates your perception. Your expectations, overall contentment, outlooks, beliefs and opinions are based on how you perceive reality. All in all lifestyle lives in symbiotic relationship with your creativity, dynamism, self esteem – your personality. Obvious point crystallizes – we can feel more invigorated, confident and outgoing by tweaking our lifestyles. There are several ideas to choose from of how to do just that. Underneath I did my little editors pick of my favorite lifestyle upgrades. Hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

First of them is super productive PERMA model. Basically what it says is that our day to day “to do” lists are very productive, but there isn’t very much space for our well being. If you think about it, “well being” is something everyone of us has to take care off – just as normal “task” or “work”. Since our outlooks are based upon how good we feel it is rather obvious that we should consider the redesigning our process of how we make “to do” lists. PERMA is specifically built for this kind of change. Lets start decoding: PE stands for Positive Emotions, R is Relationships, M for Meaning and A stands for Achievement. So what we do with that? Fill our days with activities for every category. Under positive emotions we can have some fun – gaming, sports, going to the movies, or simply relax. It’s a pressure-free time to just enjoy ourselves. If this is written into calendar or put on “to do” list, the idea is that we should do it without “guilt”. Make the most out of it. Relationships is simple category – go out, meet some new people, or work on existing relationships, spend some quality time with friends. We’re such a social animals. In fact we can not be super productive without other people (and dopamine with serotonin flooding our brains). Meaning category could be little tricky, because we must distinguish what has value for us (practical, rational value, like money or clean laundry) from what has meaning (what do we feel about activity, like the game or charity work). Without “meaning” one can’t really feel satisfied – we come back from very productive, valuable work being so much tired to “relax” by working even harder on achievement in Halo 4 or painting miniature soldier models, or whatever “our” project is. First has value – it’s paying the bills, but second has meaning for us, it feels great, satisfactorily. Achievement is such a vast category. Everything that we consider as something very requiring and has defined end to it does justice for being an achievement.

Second idea is pretty simple and let’s call it “The Happiness Advantage”. What is chain of events for being happy in our society? I will work harder, I achieve more, then I will be happier. Right? Well it is wrong. Needs are infinite, so when we achieve more we just start to desire more, thus we can’t ever feel “happiness” for long in such chain. By shifting happiness to the very beginning of it some interesting things can happen. Happy brain reacts, thinks quicker. It’s more creative as well. It allows us to feel more confident. In that case it is logically true that by feeling happy we can work harder and better so, at the end, we can achieve more. Now, the great question – how to feel happy then? PERMA model is a good start. Also we can just notice more consciously good things that happen to us everyday. Get creative with it. The effort is what counts. Brain is there for our help, it will figure it out.

Last but not least. Pretty good challenge from Matt Cutts – Try something new for 30 days. Anything you wanted to do, but didn’t. Now it is time. It can be small, it could be big. If it turns out not that good, then superb! It won’t bug you ever again. If it’s something that will make you happier, then why wait? It is a win-win situation if you act upon it.

Take good care
– Przemek Kucia

P.S. Underneath I posted great talks on ideas above.

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