Proud nominee for a “dearest” and “inspiring” awards


Few days ago I’ve been nominated to “Liebster Award” (which mean dearest, by idea “if it is a foreign word it must be more important”) by Stressed Out Student from Stressed Out College blog which I strongly recommend you to visit (it is hilarious and lovely :D). A day after, I believe, the second nomination came upon me – this time it was the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” from Tracy Cembor (you can find her blog here). To say that she’s a writer and it’s a “writers blog” does not do very much justice to this amazing blend of great writing, sound opinions, and clever book-business tips, so again, I strongly recommend you to visit and develop your own opinion.

I am delighted with those nominations and with all the support you, my dear readers, have given me in such short time – thank you. I want to respect the most of awards rules possible, but some would overlap each other, and some are extremely difficult to meet for such an international-community-newbie as I am. Underneath you can find 11 facts about me (Liebster Award rule) and “some” recommendations/nominations of inspiring, or “dearest” blogs.

Let’s begin with 11 facts about me:

1. I got my BA in Political Science, and currently I’m working on my master’s.

2. My name – Przemek is a diminutive from Przemysław, an old-Polish name which today would (roughly) mean “industrious” or “full of thought/clever”.

3. One of the best advice… Well, actually I wasn’t been given, I just figured it out, was simple: “don’t be stupid” – and since then I’m trying my best to follow it.

4. In fact as I learn more, the more I realize how much of ignorant I am.

5. I’m astonished with complexity of the world/universe/reality, fragility of human condition in general and pure elegance as a concept.

6. I am nearly as much of extrovert as you can possibly get. This means that my greatest joys (and miseries) involve other people.

7. In department of personality I took some tests and, to the broad point and their obvious limitations, I would say that those do me justice: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which recognizes me as an ENTJ type and good old Enneagram by which I’m 8w7.

8. I’m living and studying in Poland where I grew up, but my second home is in Italy.

9. I actually enjoy hard working (on interesting projects) as much as heavy partying.

10. My perfect day would look like this: Getting up at about 8 am, American-style breakfast, some intensive, conceptual work, lunch with inspiring people, little bit more work. Stopping by in cafe or whatever place I could spend time with someone important to me. Then I would have some rest and preparations for dinner party with after-session in some sort of funky club.

11. A while ago I’ve been asked by vox pop (? I believe that’s the phrase) what are my dreams/goals/whatever you like to call them – I’ve got 3: Financial comfort – so I could work on ideas I like. Being surrounded with great people with whom I could collaborate productively and call them friends. To find and spend life with love of my life (well, and have some good amount of fun in the process).

My recommendations/nominations for Very Inspiring and Dearest blogs are:

S.O. Student blog

Tracy Cembor blog

One Woman Empire

Waiting on a word

Organized Scenery

Stories by Frances

Hollis Plample blog

Life in Silver

I hope you will enjoy Charisma Workshop as much as I do. Again, thank you for your support.

Take care

– Przemek Kucia

P.S. Video for such post should be dearest or inspiring – this is both.

8 thoughts on “Proud nominee for a “dearest” and “inspiring” awards

  1. Jess says:

    Thanks, Przemek, for the nomination! I appreciate it! I am reading a bunch of your posts now and they are really informative and interesting. You are an excellent writer.

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      You’re very kind. My writing skills have some rough points, but it is my goal to annihilate them, hence the idea of international “workshop” 🙂

      About the nomination – your blog is one of my favorites. Warmth striking from your post is just captivating 😀 And (IMO) this is one of the greatest qualities to posses.

  2. tracycembor says:

    Thanks for the props. I cannot claim that my ramblings are anywhere as well thought out as yours.

    I just had to take the Myers-Briggs test at work, and I’m a ENFP, though I was very borderline between F and T. Turns out I’m the total opposite of a J, but I’m not really surprised.

    The Dead Weather is a great project. Jack White always makes interesting music, and Queens of the Stone Age and the Raconteurs are great musicians.

  3. Przemek Kucia says:

    Oh… I am truly surprised (in a great, joyful way – you just made my day – thank you :D) that my posts appear as thought out. I mean I do think a lot of how to make them interesting and helpful, but I feel that my insufficient English skills (thank you internet translators) will eventually drive me mad (or improve). Again – thank you for support, I really appreciate it :).

    Believe me, cause I’m serious now (and trying to show facial expression to the screen ;)) – your posts are one of the best designed piece of writing I came across on the internet. The length which is short so posts are swift but still covering the subject matter, obviously style I do enjoy and try to learn from, very interesting content both book-industry wise and on the more personal takes.

    I do like how MBTI has potential to recognize and describe those broad perceptions and it stays away from defining motivations so one can argue it uses a scientific method. Argument would be fierce and entertaining from where I consider possibility of “defining” personalities, but nonetheless it tries. I’m trying to be not that judging myself in terms of qualities and people, but my “thinking over feeling” is something that I’m proud of in a way. I admire people of different opinion on this “feeling” issues in questionnaire, but this would make me unbearable for others or it would drive me mad 😉

    And this particular version of Will There Be Enough Water is one of my favorite cases of how woman can look into mans eyes, and how intense could raw/savage/atavistic (not necessarily long-term) emotions be (or maybe I’m wrong and it was a part of performance, if – then the greater the applause).

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