Post full of my personal opinions – Part 1

love to learn

Ignorance is bliss. The more you learn, the more complex, uncertain and dubious world appears to you. All the networks of inter-dependent factors that form all sorts of “realities” you have to navigate through. Human condition turns out to be fragile, wildly vulnerable to mistakes and imperfect in almost any considered way. And there also is this great quest for objective truth/reality, but did you ever consider what it would mean to you – just to know things? What it would change and how, what wouldn’t be different just because we are emotional animals. And how much of questions in between those I left not verbalized. It is hardcore way to live.

– So what are you trying to say, Przemek? That we shouldn’t learn?

– No, of course you should. My point is twofold – first: be aware that you will have a lot of doubts in process. Most of your views will shatter, and the more you’re certain that they won’t, the harder they will. It will force change upon you, and effects of changes may be better or worse, but for most of us the process itself is, to say it lightly, unpleasant. Second point is: Don’t be too harsh with yourself or others, ignorant in particular. It is very, very hard to live in and bear with uncertain world without making arguments out of ignorance, replacing uncertainty with faith, and trying to make sense out of shit that happen to us every once in a while or clear-cut tragedies. We all did it at some point, maybe for some of us it is harder to shake that off, or conditions made it nearly impossible.

Ultimately knowledge is an empowering thing. It is possible to understand the world. It is possible to make sense of those “realities” we march through and to keep our experiencing and memorizing selves happy. To have brain capable of resolving great and small problems creatively is a great source of satisfaction and contentment itself. To be aware of how abstract feelings are installed into ourselves and how they imprint our behavior and feelings provide us with understanding of just how much work relationships are, and how beautiful we can create them – not Cupid, not destiny, but we, by our hard, smart and creative work.

Take care

– Przemek Kucia

P.S. One of the most ave-inspiring videos I’ve seen. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Post full of my personal opinions – Part 1

  1. tracycembor says:

    This is tough for me — Brain vs. Heart.

    On one hand, we should always be trying to learn more, about ourselves, about each other, and about the world around us. Of course knowledge is worth seeking.

    But on the other hand, don’t take the mystery away from me. I’m a dreamer at heart, and there’s an allure in foggy possibility that doesn’t stand up to the daylight. Maybe it’s a silly, romantic ideal, but occasionally I’d rather have my dreams than the harsh truth.

    Sometimes there’s wonder in discovery, but sometimes the wonder is in the mystery.

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      I totally get your concern. This is where quest to learn gets really beautiful – we could know how to create (neuro) chemical state of love, we could posses tools to create lust, we could meditate on how rational is empathy and compassion, but how to create a working relationship is (and probably always will be) a great mystery. A wondrous, magnificent one. The same you could say about space. Some would say that we know much about it today, but our knowledge consist just 4% of what is in space. The rest is a great, great mystery.

      As I said the mystery behind the hardcore network of interdependent factors is just humiliating for me. I feel so little, but as a one of those factors imprinting reality so important at the same time.

      And truth doesn’t have to be that harsh. It is often just different from our dreams, but I would argue that usually the truth is greater in its awe inspiring abilities than dreams. Like in fiction where it has to be somewhat probable for people to “swallow” it, when reality can be just bonkers and show f… you to all, cause it is what it is 😉

      So I would say by learning the most and trying to strip reality from mystery you are going to find even more stupendous mysteries to dream about 🙂

  2. Przemek Kucia says:

    Oh, and I do not advocate to always be strictly rational, not getting emotional, not going for experience, not meeting those id, instinct desires or needs, avoiding any risks etc. Rather what I suggest is to be aware of possibilities, outcomes and “the truth” so we won’t have any guilt or need to blame others afterwards.

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