The post of personal rant – Part 2


If general logic of my last post is valid, then the correlation between ones ignorance and dependence on outside authority is immense. What is charismatic authority in its most basic? Irrational faith that someone “knows better”, hence one should follow his will/ways/advices.

– That doesn’t make any sense, Przemek! – Someone would say – You write under Charisma Workshop brand, you state that revealing the nature of charisma itself is one of yours greatest passions, and this last sentence suggest that you don’t care much for charismatic authority. Furthermore, you call followers of charismatic leader as ignorant!

– I consider charisma and charismatic authority as separate things. I think about charisma as a tool, and tool in it’s nature can not be good or bad. That being said – for me personally – to be under irrational authority, to have an undoubted, unquestioned faith that does not demand any evidence from leader is a bad, dangerous thing to do.

To clarify even more – you could be the most experienced one in your field, or have the best idea, but still without being properly recognized for your excellence. Charisma is then a tool for you to utilize your potential by communicating more efficiently. To make way for your idea or experience so it could bring the positive change. By this logic charisma is a communication model, technology of supporting your rational expertise with emotional load, imprinting the message with your passion to inspire people. The trick with every technology (even social/interpersonal) is to use it for good purpose. By those standards it should be used to educate and to propose innovative actions by igniting an emotional response.

To wrap all of this up. I think smart is new sexy, because brain capable of such things as science, poetry, abstract thinking is a great “peacock tail” itself. I think ignorance is one of the most un-sexy things existing. I do adore concept of charisma, because of possibilities it grants for hard work invested. And last but not least – I would love you to flood me with critique and suggestions about this blog.

In the meantime, take good care and exercise your charisma!

– Przemek Kucia

9 thoughts on “The post of personal rant – Part 2

  1. tracycembor says:

    Ah, this one is much easier for me to respond to. Thank you Przemek.
    Charisma requires two people, the leader trying to influence a follower and the follower’s receptability to the influence. The strength of these forces will determine the degree of influence the leader has over the follower.

    As for me, I have a strong internal locus of control. While I enjoy being part of a group, I’m not a very good follower. I ask too many questions and challenge the status quo. Your Charisma Workshop influence won’t work on me… except I keep coming back to read your posts. What reason would that be? 😉

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      You’re absolutely right (from where I stand) about perceiving authority as a relation. Some say it is innate or gained ability, substance of power or a result of some external catalyst. These other perceptions make sense (of course), but if we want the language to be hardcore-precise we need to distinct charisma from charismatic authority, and this further from charismatic leadership. So in that frame, what you just described would be a charismatic authority. How leader made the follower to feel the influence would be a charisma itself. And if leader would use his authority to really change the behavior of his follower then I’d say he would become a charismatic leader.

      Personally I find the idea of having pure charismatic authority repulsive. I think everyone of us want to be recognized for real, worked out excellence, because we bring some real value to the table – not just idealized, untrue image. I admire people that challenge any authority, that are looking for evidence of others excellence. So if you would ever consider yourself as follower of someone without changing your approach, then you would be the best follower that one can imagine Because I consider such situation to be the best environment to grow for both parties (mutual respect, fascination, challenging each others ideas etc.)

      So what I want to do with Charisma Workshop is to just add value to the table, and your coming back and giving such support and feedback as you do is more than I could ever ask back (So please, rip apart and trash the next post to balance it a little xD)

      Thank you!

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