Gamification and charisma


To feel contented with surrounding reality it is crucial to be part of something “meaningful”, larger than ourselves, something that matters. // It is a post without point made by me, just thoughts for you to consider.

We actually know it from research made by happiness psychologists and, of course, it is only one of things we should feel to be contented the most. Ok, but what does it mean to feel a part of something meaningful? To engage in a (cooperative) activity that is subjectively, emotionally important to us. Take a look that it doesn’t mean that it should be valuable as activity (or result) in any objective way – so until we’re emotionally invested in, lets say, work that pays our bills and even buys for us luxurious stuff, it won’t be meaningful to us, hence we won’t be entirely contented/happy with surrounding reality. It may be objectively valuable, and people could be irritated at you and your “bitching” about it, but it still wouldn’t mean anything to you… This is where from “the first world problems” take off. Remember that moods are like weather, rich or poor – living subjectively not meaningful life will get you wet.

After hard day of “proper”/valuable work what we do to “relax”? Often we turn on console, pc or mac and play some games (or play sports, table top games, or whatever). What is play? As I said somewhere in earlier post – the best definitions of play is: Hard work aimed to overcome unnecessary obstacles. Yes, after hard work we go back home to work even harder. First is exhausting, stressful, valuable and miserable and second is… exhausting, stressful, meaningful and satisfying.

One who wants to lead others often times is in position of power just because she/he offers to be a spokesman, an advocate of need to be addressed by community itself. Leader organize people, help in bringing their ideas to life, create strategy based on vision that is shared by his followers. From where I can see there is vacuum of “meaning” we’re filling with time wasted on clicking unthoughtfully “refresh” button on facebook, mail or cute cats (of course I’m oversimplifying but I hope you will get what I mean).

As promised, there won’t be any point of mine (maybe apart from those convoluted in text itself). Maybe you have some thoughts on issues/observations listed above? Please, share.

Until next time, folks 😉

– Przemek Kucia

4 thoughts on “Gamification and charisma

  1. stressingoutstudent says:

    Hm, interesting thoughts. It is important for people to seek out meaningful activities and groups to be a part of and this is what people try to do – that’s the motivation of life. However, it seems that many don’t believe that meaning is subjective. Meaning is different from person to person. Nothing has inherent meaning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make meaning on your own.

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure 🙂

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      The most annoying thing is, that most of times valuable jobs aren’t meaningful to people who do them. Hence you could end up doing something you’re good at (which is valuable to you and to others), but not something you like to do (which would mean world to you, but for others it could utterly be useless). So the question is if we can find something that we like to do and it’s valuable (the ideal situation), or, if not, where is the balance between payed bills and satisfying life. That may be a cliché, but if you consider that we’re not educated to communicate well it would become obvious that most of the people just don’t have tools to persuade us that what they would like to do is something valuable for us. Just for this I love the TED conferences that much 😀

      • stressingoutstudent says:

        Yes! Many TED talks are eye-opening and inspiring.

        As you said, unfortunately, we often have to choose between something that can sustain us and something that we actually love to do. Some are lucky enough to have both, but it’s definitely not a majority. I’m leaning toward wanting a more satisfying life than a rich one. I believe there are many things we can do without – it’s just a matter of taking that big step and letting go of such things. I imagine it will be liberating then.

        • Przemek Kucia says:

          In my eyes big or growing companies are starting to think in those categories (of keeping employees happy and satisfied) just because work efficiency in gamified environment is sky-level high, so it is win-win situation.

          Thanks for commenting and take care 😀

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