Little “about blogging” and “editor’s pick” post


What is blogging for me and why I decided to blog (and few words about me personally); how do I work on posts and why I do things the way I do them; also – my pick of (IMO) 3 best posts on Charisma Workshop until now and why I chose them. Let’s go!

I have two categories for blogs – personal and theme driven. I am particularly interested (as you obviously noticed) in the second category, because through blogging I want to create my personal brand. And the way I thought it out is pretty straightforward: Everyone today has a degree (in Poland), so what is the way to distinguish myself from flood of graduates? We all could have some work experience through more “traditional” methods, but we’re generally the same to potential employers or clients. Of course, some of us may have some additional value to share/sell apart from education and training, but how to show that? As you can already see, the answer is simple: “be of value first” as rule says – I wanted to be easy to find, easy to make research on me (the way I think, way I respond to criticism, praise, how can I apply my training and skills), I want to share knowledge I possessed while at university but not from classes, what I researched on my own and this way show just how well and swiftly I could fit into new, challenging environments. To wrap it up – Charisma Workshop is a way to create my personal brand and distinguish myself from other Political Science graduates by presenting/sharing some of what I know.

 My work on post begins with assessing how well I can present and explain the idea behind it through (roughly) 3/4 of A4 page. Then I consider if topic I want to present can be related to me personally and will it benefit from such personalization. It is important within my perspective because from my observations (made earlier with my Polish site) I assume that shorter and more personal (and easy to read this way) posts create more traffic, more likes and (definitely) more comments. After that, I make basic outline of paragraphs, and then little “outline of outline” if it’s more of researched and explanatory post. Clean and thought out structure is easier for me to write. I can start with any section that feels comfortable (because writing the lead is always most painful for me ;)). If it’s more personal then I improvise with plain card to make it more “mine”, if you know what I mean. Most of the times assessments I begun with need little correction (some terms could use additional explanation, or idea requires more extensive introduction) because generally I want articles to be the most “newbie friendly” as it would be reasonable.

And now – My pick of best Charisma Workshop articles up to the point.

3rd place goes for “Sound-bites and what count for every media“. I use that advice every time I design presentation. I prepare few “anti-tension” lines and write them on my outline. I always create abstract of main ideas for audience so people who are not really interested will be drawn slightly more, people who would take notes can focus their attention on actual presentation and the rest is most likely to think about presentation once or twice before they will be given a chance to throw the abstract away, so they will memorize ideas better. Everyone wins.

2nd place and “Image creation“. Obviously it is little, little introduction of ideas, but from my perspective it is crucial to start ones image creation from the right foot, and I think (if anything) this article is pushing in the (IMO) right way. Image is an illusion – our brains are easy to fool.

And the winner is… (fanfares) “Charisma, Mojo, Zing – mysterious factor of authority“. It is a sketch of my idea to present new perspective of charisma, authority and leadership behind it. Charisma as communication model, a way to create authority. Charisma not as something within (born) leader, but as a substance distinguished from person. Substance we all could use. It is research project for my master’s degree and I’m proud of it, so there it is – First place!

Also, I want to thank all of you for reading, liking, supporting and commenting. I really appreciate that, and it gives me motivation to share more and more with you.

Keep it real and take care

– Przemek Kucia aka That Polish Guy Trying To Make Himself A Brand

6 thoughts on “Little “about blogging” and “editor’s pick” post

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Aka that polish guy that always has interesting ideas!
    I must say, sometimes I get lost in long posts of yours, but probably its because my mind is so drained and exhausted lately, I lose concentration.
    Keep it up though!

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      That’s very kind of you 🙂

      I would say that my not-so-great grammar is getting in way, especially when I try to make my point/present my perspective on more complex ideas. Those especially need some subtlety in language wielding and would make me some trouble even in Polish. I definitely must work on that.

      Thanks for feedback and such charming support!
      Take care.

  2. tracycembor says:

    Your posts are enjoyable to read, and I wouldn’t get hung up too much on the grammar. Some of the ideas you’re trying to communicate are tough to express in English. I have similar trouble with the MBA papers I am trying to write. /sigh

    Your process for writing posts is very interesting and much more involved than mine. (Then again, I’m not trying to convey elevated ideas. I’m just trying to entertain the masses.) Usually I sketch out the idea on a notepad while at work, school, driving (but only at stoplights!), or anywhere else that I get an interesting idea. (Again, maybe it isn’t that interesting idea… I’m really sorry for all the parentheses.)

    As for my pick for the best article… ooo, that’s tough. I think I have to agree with you on Charisma, Mojo, Zing. Charisma does seem to be a supernatural gift.

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      Well it may be (or rather I’m confident it is) like you said. Polish as a language feels more precise, and it is really easy to incorporate words from other languages if necessary. English sometimes feels to me as it is more of a phrases combination than precise tool to communicate ideas. That being said there are some concepts harder to convey in Polish than English like feeling of awe, like hypothesis and theories thought out in English. Sometimes it gets really hardcore 😉 Still, I need to improve my grammar – no doubt.

      My process has to be that way, because my mind like to wander through ideas it has to remember, like at late night when I get insomnia xD When I have precise outlines I can fool myself to focus on particular point, because I’m not stressed that I will forget about some idea stored in my head. I have to tell you though your post appear well thought out with clean structure and well arranged ideas.

      Ultimately (in nearest future possible) I want to enhance every post with video explanation or make a video log of Charisma Workshop content, but for this I need some stuff I don’t have, so it will have to wait 😉

      And the Zing/Charisma itself – in literature it is described this way – as a gift, but repeated elements of every charismatic leader, distinguished form leaders personality/self suggest it has something to do with how they communicate and how they “design” their message. The trick now is to backward engineer what it is exactly 🙂

      Thanks very much for commenting. Your support is especially encouraging (Rly!) 😀

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