Hey guys. From tomorrow (Thursday) to upcoming Wednesday (27th March) I’m traveling through Poland to listen to wise people and give lectures myself. So wish me well and as soon as I will come back Charisma Workshop will be back too! I will report to you from my voyages and reveal some of my “charisma model” elements in post after the break, so please don’t forget about me through the week. So I didn’t die, or have been kidnapped, I’m just doing my job of self-branding better than ever (mostly because people found me through Charisma Workshop which is totally cool!) and after that strict schedule is back (hopefully).

Take good care by then.

– Przemek Kucia

P.S. And for the content side of the post to be valid xD underneath for your listening pleasure – John Mayer!

8 thoughts on “Announcement

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      The trip was great 😀 The report from all of it will be up quickly after this response you’re reading. Charisma model elements will show up themselves day after 😀 Smooth blues is cool, and live versions of those tunes are (mostly) even more amazing 😀

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