Welcome back!


My little schedule of 3 posts a week (or preferably one every 2 days) derailed because of 2 fun events away from my home city. I have to address this problem so in the future schedule would be safe (so if you have own methods or ideas how to secure schedule from such problems, please share in comments).

Łódź Jungle Web 2013 was the first event – 21 to 22 of March conference about use of internet in marketing. 21 talks made by biggest names in (Polish) internet marketing business, workshops and hardcore – Polish style after-parties left my 48 hours stay in Łódź with 2,5 hours of sleep. I like partying hard as much as hard working – no doubt, but after this I thought I need a new liver ;). Train to my home city (Częstochowa) straight from the second after-party in very early morning (or very late night, as you prefer) and Saturday noon I went into Power-Sleep/coma mode.

Whole Sunday stood under “researching and outlining” sign. All of this for the main event in Kraków. Yes my dear readers, it was first Charisma Workshop live! How was it? In short – great! In few more bullet-pointish words?

  • Monday morning bus to Kraków, and 2,5 hours of utter boredom…

  • … Just for the conclusion that I have 10 minutes to begin the Workshop.

  • Noon jogging session through Kraków city center (beautiful, beautiful place)

  • Meeting the audience and rushing to the conference room.

  • Lecturing until late evening and my “going the extra mile” after – hardcore Q&A over few beers

  • Few hours of sleep and then explanation of more complex ideas with some exercising

  • Late afternoon dinner, wandering through Kraków, few drinks with local friends and back to home

How tired, drunk and contented I was (and still am) can’t be expressed with just words. To say it was awesomely amazing is to not say anything. Let’s say that while writing I’m still not in the best shape.

What I want to say though is this: Dear Internets, dear readers, followers and dear you – Thank you for supporting this little blog, this whole adventure probably won’t happen without you. Everyone around may say that blogging is made for oneself and it is true, yet for me, what’s the point when no one likes it? So please support me more 😀

– Przemek Kucia aka That Polish Guy Who Is Grateful And Wants To Be Supported

P.S. This tune greatly conveys how fast was this whole “experience” for me. Enjoy!

And todays problem to solve while listening to the great Hentchmen: Schedule. How the hell one could respect it?

6 thoughts on “Welcome back!

  1. tracycembor says:

    It sounds like you had an awesome time, both you and your liver. 😉

    What were some of the most remarkable things you heard during your two trips? And welcome back! The place was just a bit quieter without your your energy and lively dialogue. Can’t wait to hear more about what you have learned.

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      It really was fun. I had to buy some flowers so the liver would forgive me 😉 (we talked it out, there was lot of crying, flying plates and drama…)

      Well, it’s hard to abstract it to few words, but I think the most eye opening thing was how quickly internet is creating a new paradigm of hardcore targeting in marketing. How much data is stored by, well… everyone about everyone, that just waits to be analyzed and used creatively so “we” could better reach audiences or clients. So in your example would be that you buy a base of e-mails from someone, where you know that every single one of those “mails” love steampunk and romance, every mail will be customized so it will say something like “Hey, Przemek, I wrote this book, its plot is rich in romance, adventure and horse riding motives in genre of steampunk, click on this link, I think you’ll like it.” 😀 30k targeted mails with Click-through Rate about 10-15% for few bucks (normally ctr is waaay below 5%). This is how it’s done today according to those talks from Jungle Web. And it’s yet not the most creative way of using big data.

      And Kraków was my event on self-promotion 🙂

      That’s really sweet 😀 It’s good to be back!

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      You made me blush 🙂 I think you’ll like the next week updates (those will be more business oriented).

      And of course thank you for being so supportive 😀 It really means a lot for me.

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