What the world could learn from me?


That’s a bold statement, huh? Let’s be even bolder – I couldn’t even dare and try to describe it all, it would take me forever! Let’s just focus on simple three things then.

Education system – when The World will learn that the most important skill in it is to communicate effectively? Yeah, languages are in top tier of importance in todays systems, but as we all know the verbal content transports only 7% of processed communication. I’m pretty aware that to propose a communication class would be rather impossible – it is a stupefyingly expensive, there isn’t enough experts, working with kids is a different story etc. But we have dance and theater classes, right? And what those classes exercise is pure sub-communication. Especially dance. I could tell someonse all my knowledge about communication and charisma, but he/she would not learn how to control entire body through one, even three days long workshop. We could work on ones new, improved image, but if that person could not act to what we just conceptualized it will all go horribly wrong.

Intellectual discipline – when The World will learn that human condition is rather imperfect? We do analyze much more information than we consciously could comprehend. It means that we mostly think intuitively and from that intuition we derive our judgments. Look around yourself – how many of the World problems today are based on poor judgment, quick and flawed thought, lack of knowledge, illogical, bad idea and fighting over things no one rational would ever fought over. I know that intellectual discipline is hard, it’s not popular even in my field – political science o.O, but at least little empathy and not so rapid judgments would do miracles. At the end of the day cooperation is the most rational approach, because in such environment everyone selfishly gain the most. I’m the most extrovert as you can get, if I can be aware of emotions affecting my judgment then each and everyone can. So, The World, freaking do it!

Competence over confidence – when The World will learn that confidence as a feeling is dependent on ones brain chemistry, so it is, ultimately, a part of mentioned earlier imperfect human condition? Competence on the other hand is a rational thought of being able to do something based on actual conscious assessment. When dealing with an extreme situation/decision, would you rather want to be confident or competent about it? Feelings, my dear readers, are easy to induce, manipulate and change even in seconds or immediately. We have a synonym of confidence – faith, a way/trait we developed in order to make sure that false negative results of our brains processes won’t kill us. Feeling of confidence and faith of course still have their roles and both indeed feel great, but let’s not forget that they are not adapted to problems we have to solve today.

What the world could learn from you? Share in comments!

Have a nicest day.

– Przemek Kucia

5 thoughts on “What the world could learn from me?

  1. tracycembor says:

    It is scary to consider Internet is a means for communication, and so much of that communication is human to human (instead of big data and credit card transactions), but that we are limited to primarily utilizing the content of our words. Humans are wired for so much more, but we are all trying to communicate through this small amount of bandwidth. I’m looking forward to one day when we have the Internet 2.0.

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      Maybe that’s why video-blogs are so popular? I’m looking forward to time, when we could transport our thoughts as a mean of communication. That would be ubermegacool 😀 But maybe then my skills and knowledge could prove themselves totally unnecessary 😉

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