Mimicking scientific method in image creation (Season 2 pilot)


Since scientific method is the best to do just about anything, why not to use it to unclutter our mind while designing and applying certain image of ours (or others, if you work with someone)? Everyone can apply it as well. It sounds like “great deal” cause of “scientific” prefix, but it actually simplifies whole process because it provides just a handful of logical steps to follow. Ok, let’s go!

Scientific researcher would firstly ask himself about his question, he would define his goal. We should do the same and ask ourselves what we want to achieve with new or just upgraded image. Before the first idea pop up to our minds, before everything else we should consider if the goal is beneficial. As in science not all questions are worth answering them (like what color is anger? It’s senseless) we too should reflect on what we want to achieve (Is new peer group worth image change? Does present image itself constitute a sufficient deal breaker?). This kind of preparation does two things: Firstly it provide us with best goal we can think of, secondly it focuses and unclutters our minds. Our brains are there to help us, so this kind of effort pays with better concentration.

Second thing the researcher would do is to ask “how actually I’m going to answer this question?”. We too have to address our goal with hypothesis and further a strategy. Basic set of questions is simple: “Do I need to re-brand, evolve my image or take care of few key subtleties?”, “What the image needs to convey in order to accomplish certain goal?”, “What elements of image need change to convey such thing, is it only appearance, is it certain habit or maybe elements of active behavior?”.

Then, the scientist would gather the data and analyze it. In our world that would be practice with camera or mirror, that could be taking a workshop or practice with friend/coworker. The critique should be then considered, strategy analyzed through lens of feedback. “How can I better deliver the new image?”, “How the strategy could be improved?”, “Is the process beneficial at all?”. In my opinion best scientist treat those three steps of method as constant process without defined end. They don’t stop questioning reality, perspectives, answers and, in fact, questions themselves.

The last thing is to take a step back from the work we’ve done and re-think it, recombine the puzzles, add some flair to them. Again reconsider the goal – think about it in bigger scale. Now is the time for endless “what ifs”.

Enjoy the Season 2 of Charisma Workshop and of course – take good care

– Przemek Kucia

P.S. I highly recommend the book by Maria Konnikova – Mastermind: How to think like Sherlock Holmes. It is “scientific method/thinking made easy”.

2 thoughts on “Mimicking scientific method in image creation (Season 2 pilot)

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      It’s really thought out that book. Precise, clear and easy to digest 😀 And BTW I would love to know your opinion if this kind of approach could be used in writing poetry, I know it’s often more emotional and driven by the impulse but I’m curious if you could design such emotional response without “disconnecting” yourself from the piece? 🙂

      Take care!

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