Ep03 – Intuitive thinking – could it be source of expertise?

mind of ninja

Let’s start with defining what intuition is and why it is important to ask this question. Many great minds had thought about this way before we invented scientific method. Hence often result of such consideration are clothed in mystical/esoteric/religious basis and metaphors. I personally like the definition of Carl Gustav Jung – Intuition is perception via unconscious. As this statement is basically true and intuitive thinking is great way of managing various of things, we should add that there are some problems with regular unconscious perspective. It provides results and emotional responses without reasoning, it works by applying mental models (shortcuts) to interpret huge amounts of data we gather through our senses. Since our senses can be fooled easily, mental shortcuts can’t be accurate always, intuition can, and in fact often does, provide false results. Another problem is that false positive results are less threatening to our lives we naturally tend to make those mistakes. And since intuition can fire up our emotional response it can be source of powerful and wrong beliefs.

For me in my job it would be easiest to deal with primitive intuition of uneducated people. I know it isn’t nice to say, but those minds are most vulnerable to simplest “public relations” techniques and methods and in real world of ethics in promotion – to plain deception. Even educated people, whose reasoning is considered to be in top tier it could be, can be affected by mistaken intuitive thinking. On the other side – well trained intuition can provide brilliant insights, creative ideas and be source of great material to work on consciously.

It would be then very beneficial to everyone involved if we could train our intuitions to mimic analytical process of thought based on reason so it would provide us with results that don’t require constant conscious corrections. But how to do that? What are the kind of mental exercises to develop such great edge on out thinking? In my opinion first of all is any kind of effort to unclutter our minds and focus on such goal. It would be helpful if we could figure out what we seek and what ends we would like to meet. Our entire brain is advanced problem solver so providing it with focused challenges will shift our intuition to pursue them. Second thing is to actually educate ourselves about thinking process and decision making so we could apply those on day to day basis. Third thing is to put more effort on consciously noticing what the results of our intuitive thinking actually are. My fourth suggestion would be to challenge our beliefs with reason and logic, furiously attack them in fact. Last but not least – gathering more general knowledge is one of the vital few of getting better intuition. Knowledge provide it with data to compare, it’s nourishment for the mind.

Those exercises obviously don’t complete the list of what you could do to develop mindfulness, but are the solid start to achieving great edge on the mind and more accurate intuitive thinking.

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– Przemek Kucia

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