Ep04 – How good coaching should look like?


Apparently the whole business of coaching has become increasingly popular, but sadly not every coach grows to proud status of real professional, an actual consultant, strategist and provider of proven knowledge, skills and useful ideas.

What I’m trying to say is this: Simply don’t let self-help, pseudo-experts rip you off because they offer few moments of better mood induced into your trust in people. Be aware because it works just like alcohol – it help you postpone/diminish/forget about problems or set of conditions for a day or two. It may even motivate you to hold on “can do” attitude, but problem or unbearable conditions are still out there, and if they need professional attention then they still do. Except wasted money and time there is no effect.

A good coach/consultant will never offer a “trick” or a “secret” that everyone overlooked and which guarantees what, up to that point, was thought as something difficult, complicated or requiring and now is easy as taking a pill.

And now, what he/she will do? Start with great deal of audit – both situation wise and personality wise. Then such analysis will help in work on strategy and in whole decision making process – consultant is there to assist in taking rational choice considering the whole picture and the broadest set of variables possible. The coach is there to define decisive situation, gather the data, set the measures and help in taking the most optimal/efficient decision in given conditions.

The best ones in my opinion will challenge the decision to make sure if every possibility was given proper thought, they may provide constant analysis through and apply creative process to manage the risks and provide you with chance best suited for your consideration of risk to gains ratio.

After all this work you’ll get the final product – a decision, or a set of decisions, strategy ready for implementation. Professional coach is not a surrogate of a friend or psychologist, professional coach in the first place should be an expert in decisive process.

Maybe you have some thoughts about coaching and consultancy? Would you use the service of professional coach? Please, share.

– Przemek Kucia

3 thoughts on “Ep04 – How good coaching should look like?

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Hmmm. I dont think I would. Personally. But this is due to my other stubborn personal qualities that would just interfere with the process. But I really see why some people would!
    You considering? 😉

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      It’s not uncommon for stubborn people to go to coaches in somewhat secrecy 😉 But often times it ends up being unprofessional psychology sessions, which I cannot stress enough how I oppose.

      Good coach would never push you enough to fire up stubborn response, and if he/she would, that would be the end of the cooperation – both literally and figuratively.

      When I need it, of course I consult things (there are always things one mind could miss), and if I ever encounter coach who works as described in the post I would consider hiring him/her 😀

      • Chatty Owl says:

        Yes, its not uncommon for stubborn people to go to coaches, the problem with me would be my personality of seeing that as a negative thing. Difficult to explain. Its a mixture of arrogance, pride and being slightly shallow.
        Anyway, im enjoying reading about this and our short conversations too!

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