Ep05 – Failure of communicology and why no one listens to Ken Robinson?


Both of those are closely related to each other – from my perspective the science behind how we communicate and maybe more importantly what we could do to communicate more successfully is somewhat in decline. I mean sure, the technology provide us tools to see and talk to each other even from space, not to mention the whole globe. But the issue is not about through what channels we communicate but our ability to transcript our thoughts to understandable message.

As Ken Robinson (famous TED speaker, in my opinion the best presenter there) said in numerous talks over the years the education systems of the world neglect teaching art, dance or theatre while putting pressure on languages and math (and rightly so, it’s not the point that those aren’t important). As the first axiom of pragmatics states: One cannot not communicate, and since most of our communication is non-verbal, or rather not dependent solely on the logical content of sentences we speak teaching dance and theatre should be considered at least as important as languages. Is this logic clear enough? I mean neglecting dance and theatre classes, which essentially are classes of communicating with our bodies, vocal tones etc. is the dumbest thing we could be doing.

Communicology as science fails in this regard, because how we could shift our entire systems of education if people who should know everything about successful communication can’t communicate that this in fact is necessary? Mathematicians, physicists, biologists etc. know how to get some good PR – ironically communicologists don’t…

Let’s say that Ken Robinson is wrong when he implies that educational systems of the world should not educate young people to become academics – then still those systems should put more pressure to art, dance and theatre classes, because nothing fires up and trains holistic, always looking at the “big picture” of situations, creative, if you will, hemisphere of our brains than art; nothing teaches control over sub-communicating body than dance and nothing teaches better proxemics, timing, mimics and others than drama classes.

And if I must explain why effective communication is one of the most important and timeless skills, then as political scientist and communicologist I failed through and through.

Take care of your communication skills
– Przemek Kucia

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