Ep08 – XXI century, cosmic political science. The BIG thought for today


For a little while let’s all turn on our real big, big thinking outside the box. Have you ever heard about “Type 0 civilization”? On the Kardashev scale it is where we are today as a species. The scale is based on how much energy we consume and what technological level we represent. The “Type I civilization” is a planetary civilization, capable of playing with all energy output of the home planet – in our case the Earth. “Type II civilization” consume so much energy that they can play with the star in their – in our case the Sun. Last but not least “Type III civilization” is a galactic civilization capable of playing with the entire galaxy.

We, as the whole human race, are in the transition point between Type 0 and Type I. Everything to that point sounds optimistic, but there is a catch – the transition is not voluntary, we either become a Type I, terrestrial society or die as a species. We have means of technology to become the Type I, we have all the knowledge needed to take that step and we have seeds of Type I culture as well. But, there are a few major problems – you see as the cybernetics suggest, the society like homeostasis, so not everyone agrees with change and evolution into Type I civilization, they do create a significant feedback to that trend.

Let’s describe planetarian society – it is science driven, multicultural as in diverse and tolerant up to the point of golden rule and individual freedom. So as you can see not every human being agrees to those terms: fundamentalists, terrorists, control freaks, nationalists and guys that try to bring to life every nightmare from George Orwell’s books are the force working against the trend to achieve Type I status and survive. They might not be conscious of anything I’m talking about here, they might have so narrow and particularly distorted view they can’t comprehend the idea of truly terrestrial society. They don’t want science, they want theocratic rule; they don’t want diversity, personal liberties and policy of golden rule, they want acknowledging their superiority, a monocultural society of their choosing, rules and regulations based on their judgments.

There is heavy probability that the transition will take place in some point of our lives and if not in ours then definitely in lives of our kids. Now look on the state of education in practically every system of the world. Take a look on economy and growing argument over resources. Take a look on what people tend to believe, what explanations they tend to seek and how they tend to (not)think at all. Now try to be an optimist about the necessary social and political transition from Type 0 to Type I civilization.

What’ your opinion over this BIG matter? Please, share.
– Przemek Kucia aka Cosmic Political Scientist

10 thoughts on “Ep08 – XXI century, cosmic political science. The BIG thought for today

  1. Cristina Popa says:

    Hmmm… I am more interested in your chosen picture: why have you chosen the UN’s General Assembly? It’s everything but cosmic. More terrestrian than others would like us to think 🙂

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      Simply because we like it or not it is a seed of terrestrial – Type I politics. It is up to this point in time the only such place. Is it entirely Type I? Of course not, it is full of particular interests and constant struggles for domination of any kind, but as a concept of organization destined to resolve conflict peacefully it is a step for the trend of making humankind a truly planetarian civilization 🙂

      Hence the poke – is UN something we want, or maybe we can do better as a species. That’s why.

  2. stressingoutstudent says:

    But will we be able to consume energy sustainably? Currently, we’re driving ourselves to a critical mass and if we keep going the way we’re going – with the amount of resources that we consume – we are going to drive ourselves extinct. So the question is so much can we use more energy – it is can we use energy sustainably at all?

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      Your point lays exactly in the source of the problem – it comest to “either, or” situation. Of course there is a lot of build up to this, but in the end it is up to either we create a Type I society and be able to sustain our survival, or we don’t and because of it we’ll extinct (war over resources, greenhouse effect etc.).

      The problem is that we have all the knowledge we need to sustain this kind of society (we have the technology we could easily develop to have almost or entirely free and clean energy, through Austrian school of economics we know that we don’t have to worry about economics if we leave it alone, we have golden and silver rule which are universal around the world, we have examples from history how multiculturalism and embracing diversity within respecting the natural laws contributed to astonishing growth in standard of living, and so on and so forth), but there are lobbies of powerful people who tend to think in very narrow categories of time and influence. They take advantage of people’s fear and ignorance. So we have oil and gas lobbies, war industry lobbies, religion lobbies, terrorists, fundamentalists, nationalists, socialists, xenophobic people and people who mindlessly want power over others.

      At the end of the day then, it’s not the question over consuming energy, but which of “thinking trends” will come on top and by how much. Of course I’m simplifying it greatly, cause issues of political science are not that elegant and reducible as those in physics or math, but yeah, even irresponsible pseudo-environmentalism is one of the lobbies unconsciously working against Type I civilization.

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