Ep12 – How far can you take your profession?


Every profession has its own set of trends and paradigms. Music, writing, fashion, image consulting, engineering etc. Paradigms we often take for granted, don’t even need to think about them while we do simple jobs. In pursuit of approval we also regularly look for trends in industries. And that’s fine by me. It really is. But, as you can already deduce from the phrasing I used, I don’t think it is good way if you actually want to push your profession beyond its limits.

I mean paradigms and trends are from that perspective nothing more than set of boundaries, set of limits one cannot cross to not come out untrendy and unapproved. For a creator, sometimes, the difference between being correct within paradigm and ridiculed is 1:1 as from being bored and interested. Let me tell you, when you have to deal with “n” job/creative task in “your” field, it can get boring within paradigms and trends.

Also, when you do something interesting to you it doesn’t have to be likable for others. Example: When you pick up your guitar and start to play “Nothing Else Matters” and I would to ask you “is this music?” you’d just obviously nod. It is within all paradigms boundaries we set for music. But when you get to the point where obvious = boring the question “is it still music?” starts to limit you. Even worse if the trend is what you want to match. Then question changes to “is it still music likable for audience I aim for?”. Do you see my point here?

I do not want to say that paradigms and trends are bad. In fact, IMO they’re great. It is astounding that people can agree over something as subjective as music and make it a valid trend – connect through it, share the joy, cooperate to work inside that trend. Also sometimes the more obstacles and limits you put on yourself it can get you more creative to overcome those obstacles (like gamification does).

My point is to get you thinking about paradigms and trends within your field of expertise – be aware of them, use them creatively and sometimes, when you’re bored, ask yourself if there is a way to play “Nothing Else Matters” more interestingly by crushing paradigms and ignoring the trends.

Take good care
– Przemek Kucia

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