Ep13 – Grand perspective of molecular level put into political issues


In episode 08 we talked about cosmic perspective – today we’re coming back on Earth, but we still will be looking on the BIG picture of things.

Did you know that every two given chimpanzees picked from one forest are less genetically correlated to each than randomly picked two human beings existing today on the planet? Well, you know it now. If you would like to choose the most different fellow human from the existing circa 7 billion – she or he will be more genetically similar to you than those two chimps are to each other. In fact as human we are genetically almost identical. Word “almost” is even too big to put in previous sentence…

It is hard to believe when we can see how diverse appearing people are. Skin colors and tones, heights, body shapes etc. It is funny how again our senses are fooling us, how superficial we can be. My point in here is rather simple – most of horrible, uncivilized policies and behaviors are based on this superficial, and in fact untrue to its deepest core, principles of dividing people because of factors that are nonsensical. It shows how easy it is to create and then believe in bad ideas, bad beliefs and bad policies.

In this sense science is really getting, or rather should get into policies we create, into morals of XXI century human being. The ideal of knowledge today is rather strict in this sense – if you have morals and conscience treat every human with respect, because you should know that she/he is one of your cousins, and pretty freaking close one. Even if you never mind your conscience (which I doubt, but still) then apply at least silver rule, because if not there won’t be you and your children in the future.

The problem is with those of us that don’t get, or maybe don’t want to get that magic of reality by far excels every “holy” book seen on the face of the Earth. That absolute morals are corrupted absolutely. That by today’s standards those worshipped books are so useless that if one would enter blindfolded and randomly picked any book she/he would stumble upon more useful, morally acceptable and relatable piece.

Do you agree, disagree? Please, share your thoughts.
– Przemek Kucia

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