Ep19 – Furious appetite for ideas in leadership


When I think about curiosity, passion, dynamism and leading – visionary approach I imagine this lust for thought and questioning every authority with sincere inquiry. That constant pursuit after best policy and elegant set of rules rather than regulation and bureaucracy. The desire of the most fluid flow of information and the most optimized decisions. A craving for best communication skills in dealing with translating those thoughts, ideas and vision into set of reachable and understandable goals.

What does it mean in practical terms? First of all that one can never let himself go to rut while leading. It is always beneficial to know all the technical terms and be able to think in categories of trends and common sense, but… Those technical terms, trends and serious methods from serious books, while applying into social systems (as organizations or states), should be treated “as much as” and simultaneously “only as” useful heuristics – they do not guarantee the most optimal or even any good outcome in particular situations.

It means further that there is no golden rule when it comes to leadership. This statement will become obvious when you’ll think for a while what it takes to successfully lead – concepts as creativity, vision, questioning the status quo, curiosity are immune to golden rules and those qualities I mentioned basically make a leader.

The best leaders I’ve studied trough my college education as political scientist were those who felt seriously compelled to take action. When the vacuum of leadership emerged they felt responsible for making things happen towards positive outcome. They were even angry at the situation as they felt almost forced into this position. This compelling responsibility in combination with furious appetite for ideas, thought and questioning status quo, in my opinion, make best leaders.

Either you agree or disagree, please share your thoughts. Take good care
– Przemek Kucia

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