Ep20 – The grand finale. Judge and evaluate everything


In past few weeks we focused on the fact that the reality which surrounds us is more uncertain than we care to admit. Our intuitive judgments of complex social situations, political reality, financial decisions or simple sympathies and antipathies towards people we meet are in fact flawed with major, systemic errors. From this we could conclude that we should minimize our judgmental tendencies. Well, this isn’t exactly true. Here’s why:

Conscious thinking is a slow process. It is physically intense as running and maintaining such high mental effort for long time is just impossible. It means in real life we are just stuck with our intuitive highs and lows.

But as you probably deduced yourself it isn’t really good advice: “don’t do anything, because you’re stuck and it won’t make any difference”. We need to find some middle ground between suffering from constant intuitive errors in our judgments and being ever tired from not taking mental shortcuts and awareness of enormous uncertainty we’re bearing with.

My take on where is that “magical” point of balance is this: Firstly – classic education. By that I mean to know the not-so-many-as-one-could-think game changing breaks in philosophy and science, or simply how we viewed and view the world and ourselves. Secondly – being modest, sincere and kind, because we are all as vulnerable to such decision making errors. In this sense we’re all just huggable, and a bit lost. Of course some decisions are just stupid, some are just wrong and worth of extreme contempt and disgust. In day to day to day situations though, most of our errors towards each other should not be taken personally. Thirdly – being more aware of our tendencies to put great value on our intuitive evaluations.

So yeah, judge and evaluate by all means, and don’t be afraid to do that, but remember this: Almost always there is more to it than you intuitively thought.

Have great summer, be mindful and aware of what you experiencing, make some great memories and take good care! We’ll see soon enough.
– Przemek Kucia aka ThatPolishGuy

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