Charisma Workshop Season 3 – “Hallows of a Contemporary Leader”


Normally in such occasions we hear something like “After enormous success of previous season producers decided to continue the series bla bla bla”. To be honest though, Season 2 of Charisma Workshop was rather moderate success. I mean articles were decent in terms of quality, conversion from blog to live cooperation and engagement also was pretty awesome and for this big thanks to you, my dear readers. Really, BIG thank you. The moderate aspect of success I’m talking about lies in fact that I wasn’t very disciplined about the Workshop and hence hitting full potential never wasn’t an option.

But let’s get back to the meat. After “Mind of a Modern Ninja”, the 2nd season of Charisma Workshop it is time to release the Kraken – the 3rd season of the blog, the “Hallows of a Contemporary Leader”!

In this season we will explore the skills, attitudes and thinking process of a modern leader. This journey should help us understand what creates a leading figure and what can help us to better communicate our own ideas to the world. There is much more to leading than pure skill set. We like or not in part leading is about attitudes, beliefs, inquires, philosophy and other things normally considered as “impractical” or taken for granted.

We will boldly go where not many went before. We will try and pin down key factors, vital few of what is needed for one to become such contemporary leader. Make it crystal clear and help ourselves acquire those qualities, those hallows of leadership.

We’ll keep it simple – one blog post a week considered as episodes. Possible bonuses, shorter, ideas driven posts published in here. Plus shorties on Twitter, which of course you can follow through Twitter itself or here, on the right.

As always I encourage you to ask questions, discuss, and share ideas and observations through every channel you consider a proper choice. Every blogger, and I’m no exception, needs this kind of help and appreciation.

Connect through mail at, comments section or Twitter @PrzemekKucia.

Take good care, as always
– Przemek Kucia

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