Ep00 – Hallow of consistency


Second season of Charisma Workshop was all about the theme of keeping own intellectual discipline (among few other ideas). One could think that great leaders have then great discipline over own thoughts. In terms of great leaderships skills (not necessary in terms of grand positive achievements) it is NOT true. Intellectual discipline is one of the most positive skills to ever achieve by man, but if you look on the evidence through centuries – it was an optional characteristic of best know leaders.

We need “hallows”, not optional treats and features
What I mean is this – one should always go for the biggest prize possible, best skills, best attitudes, best habits, most joy and satisfaction, but… But we want to create most powerful leadership, not the best man ever.

The power of leadership is then achieved through solidity and consequence. Consistency of image – solid sub-communication with all the perks like eye contact, posture, breathing, voice tonality, proximity etc. with consequent, powerful message create for you the first hallow. So whatever topic and idea we will discuss over next weeks on Charisma Workshop it is essential to practice those skills, explore thoughts so you can be familiar with them and congruent.

If you’re shy
Normally when we think about powerful presence the image we see is someone “in other peoples face”, maybe bit arrogant, intense in terms of taking a lot of space, speaking constantly etc. Per fortune this kind of leadership is just one type, and for naturally shy people it is possible to achieve more sophisticated leadership style. As powerful but different to execute. It is important to understand that challenging your shyness (which does not constitute your inborn characteristic, it is not a part of who you are) don’t mean you should stop be modest, kind and listening to others. You can work on your skills and actually sell your ideas, be congruent and powerful without perks you would like to avoid or make you too stressed out. Through Charisma Workshop I hope to help you achieving just that.

In case of questions, sharing your thoughts or inquires about closer cooperation connect with me through comments section, mail (przemek.kucia@gmail.com) or Twitter.

Take good care
– Przemek Kucia

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