Ep02 – Employee motivation. Soft skills that make technical ability to sell and motivate


Let’s quickly remind ourselves on management theory: There are four core actions to it – setting goals, organizing resources, leading/motivating and controlling. If particular analysis effecting in setting right goals and efficiency of organizing resources and audit being responsible for controlling are held as technical skills why leading isn’t? One possibility is this: leading and motivating in management is considered rather as being able to sustain optimal earnings and benefits competition. Of course it is (and will maintain itself as) a main course of managerial motivation skill set, but what if we could get cost lessen by using “soft skills” and applied strategy of a workplace that communicates? Second possibility is: Motivation by communication is rather tricky to grasp and count on.

Let me make it clear: Concept of lowering the costs of motivational policy has to be implemented as a strategy. The more comprehensive the more efficient the concept will prove itself to be. Also there is certain threshold of scale below which this concept will generate additional cost instead of reducing it. But, let’s get on with it.

The concept
Certainly you have a strategy, or strategies toward selling your value to customers. Of course price competitiveness is the most important factor in this strategy, but you are aware that customer service and design of conditions in which that value is bought can and in fact have great deal of impact on consumers decisions, right? Then the concept is as simple as you now anticipate – apply non-price factors to work on your advantage in competition for the best employees and better motivational impact of whatever policy you’re implementing.

Although there is an enormous list of such “to do’s” not everyone check from that list is born equal. The great litmus paper for such estimation is to compare it’s influence as it was a human being. So when we know what are communicational classics then we also know that great design of the workplace will be far more important than all other non-price factors. As in workplace design will create the halo effect for your office like nice clothes will create it for you as manager.

Another big one is made especially for motivating and attracting young talents – create an gamified workplace. This means design every detail possible exactly how game would be created. Here are some way-points: Best games are easy to learn yet hard to master; failure isn’t a real threat, it produces eustress, the positive stress; most of tasks are divided into small iterative chunks with (hopefully creative) puzzles interfering from time to time; tasks change their form or character with progress of the player to ensure sense of excitement and challenge.

Take good care
– Przemek Kucia

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