Hello dear readers

I am truly sorry for such a long, long and unfruitful break in posting. I’m writing this just after few short minutes of guilt induced reflection on why such a break happened and I think I owe you this little explanation: Since end of 2nd season my entire writing days stood under the sign of my project to get my Masters degree. Since the project is about constructing a model of charismatic authority my work, my studies and the free time became redundant in terms of charismatic theme. All of my activities are heavy mental exercises so naturally it became more and more difficult to muster up discipline to write another post. Long story short: The blog itself became more of a work than free time, relaxing activity.

I know it sounds like making up excuses, rationalizing, and quite frankly it is just that – backward rationalization of why I neglected the Charisma Workshop. I am truly thankful  for support you’ve given me for this considerable time so far, I hope you’ve liked it. Thank you very much for this great run we had, it was pleasure for me to bring some of ideas collected from books, interwebs and my humble sparks of neuronal connectivity.

So yeah, take good care!

– Przemek Kucia

P.S. I’m still eager to connect with everyone interested, so don’t feel shy – nudge me with email at

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