The eco car =/= Prius

Prius blah

The kind of decision making nudges I always encourage you to do before acting on whatever decision you’ve made.

Fancy Eco Blog

Hello and welcome

Before we start – I wanted to do this particular entry in new form of a video log, but unfortunately my equipment (laptop cam, phone etc.) can’t provide with decent quality or at least bearable in today’s Interwebs. Maybe in near future this situation will change, but for now we must stick to reading. And now to the topic at hand:

The car, the eco, the please-everything-but-Prius

Let me state the obvious: I have a serious beef with all those pseudo-eco, pseudo-cars. All of them, with the Prius as the Grand Master of this ridicule, are not reasonable in the big scheme of things.

When we think about those kind the word hybrid comes to mind – the marriage of electric motor or motors, batteries and internal combustion engine. The word eco is often labeled on cars powered with diesel engines as well. In those two particular…

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