How to bring people value through your content

There are 3 main categories of value in content creationEntertainment/escape, utilitydirection of attention/motivation. Whatever your output is specifically, I’m almost certain that it falls into one of those categories. The Holy Grail of content falls into all of them at once.

Here is the first point there:

1.       What is your value proposition?

Even when you have objectively the greatest value in the world, there is second part to equation which is tricky. It has to be relevant to your audience. Meaning: You have to put it into understandable context. So next time think twice before you choose smart metaphor over popular one. It may be the case, that you need to bring that smart context, but more often than not, you’re crippling your relevance.

In regard to this: Respect the psychology of each platform. Meaning: We consume media differently depending on what platform do we consume that story. Got it? Determine context and delivery withattention to place and demographic you targeting to.

Now we have second point:

2.       Does it fit into context?

Ok, you have great value and it’s relevant. Now you need exposure. There are two things in your control to improve that. Your “sweat equity” and patienceGive good, relevant value long enough and then ask in return without shame. This is how you create relationship. Comment on other blogs, reach out to guest post, do the spec work. Building a brand is a marathon, not a sprint. Spend time and learn how to tell stories, bring value and work your chances of building audience.

And now it’s a hat-tric:

3.       Can you hustle for long?

To sum all up

·         There are three groups of value in content: It can entertain/offer escape, be a utility, direct attention/motivate.

·         Your value has to be relevant to you audience. Meaning: You have to make it accessible, understandable by providing a relevant context.

·         Offering relevant value pays over time. Your hashtag won’t trend unless you are Justin Bieber or your back and forth relationship is called Jelena. Hustle and patience are your key words.

Przemek Kucia

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