Consulting company from my home couch

The product emerges

Since I’ve started college education I knew I should taste some practice, some work. At that time I was already much into arts of social interactions. I thought “hey, I’ve build up all this knowledge that I’m starting to forget some of it”. What would be better way to systemize this potential than through teaching others? I figured out that in such conditions I would force myself to stay in touch with absolute basics. Since I also like to figure out things I’ve found many inefficiencies in my training and “idea consumption”. So I’ve polished it all up.

Personal brand

In the meantime I started to blog. I’ve put few ideas out – I’m of opinion that all the knowledge without training would mean nothing. In this manner social skills are much like having great abs. You can know everything about diet, exercises, and you could observe as much abs as you like. Yet, without training and tangible work odds are you’d end up with more of sphere of belly shape.  So in no second I was scared of providing too much for free. Well, and also it never wasn’t an option. There is too much subtleties to all thing social that it is impossible to give away all through blog posts. I’m sure in your field situation is similar

But the blog was only a part of it all. I’ve traveled to conferences. At first coaching conferences, but those are really not my gig. It is topic for whole another post. Then I’ve switched to IT conferences, which was great idea. I took notes about seen presentations and leveraged that knowledge at integration parties. You don’t know how much power lays in simple introduction at the right moment. Soon enough people were introducing me to other people that could use some of my expertise.

Charisma Workshop

Since then I had many opportunities to help and offer my knowledge to IT guys put into position of giving public speeches, local politicians, non-profits, businesses. Variety of tasks and solutions I could contribute to amazes me almost every day. I cannot express how grateful I am for such opportunities and reactions I’ve got from people I’ve worked with.

What is the point?

The point is twofold: Firstly I just want to shout how grateful I am! Secondly I think my story is rather symptomatic of times we live in. Thanks to internet, with some hustle and expertise in topic/topics you’re passionate about, there is no reason any of you could not mimic my method to get respectable income for doing what you love.

Remember those few things:

  1. Product which emerges from your passion is practically your free asset
  2. Build up your sweat equity by offering value to your future audience
  3. Use social channels and direct approach
  4. Your work does not define you, your passion should
  5. There never be a better time to start your side project. For it to become main project it should get your attention (from 7pm to 1 am there is a lot of time to get things done)

Przemek Kucia

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