What is the best way to learn anything?

There is a lot of questions around the internet starting with “how can I learn”, “where can I start to learn” etc. Well, here’s one of the best answers I can come up with. And it’s scalable to almost anything.


1.       Start with YouTube, Wiki and Google and search for the topic you’re interested in

2.       Get most of interesting/insightful soundbites and experts opinions

3.       Pair best soundbites and insights with footnotes and direct sources

4.       Search for those source materials and check the reviews and get to best source

5.       Go with hands-on approach. Get your hands dirty and check if sources were right

6.       Spillover further on additional sources and viewpoints while gaining hands-on exp.


Main idea is to take advantage of free sources of knowledge in the Internet. Google, Wiki and YouTube are your main friends. After you get some grip on basics and understand specific language, you can widen your circle of attention onto footnotes on Wiki and/or google up sources behind experts you were listening to on YouTube.

While you’re learning on sources it is crucial to get hands-on experience. Practice will help you figure thing out on your own as well as set your bullshit filters up. You need them because not every soundbite and source is worth your time.

The last thing – question authority of experts and what you think is constant/established way of doing or thinking about things. Always seek simplest ways, most elegant solutions.

Przemek Kucia

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