Best blog post and secret to traffic and engagement

As I don’t believe in “one secrets” or “loopholes in psychology”… Well, that one is just proven:


My personal favorite

My personal favorite

This is absolutely sweet

This is absolutely sweet

Melts my face

Melts my face


The most clickable things on internets are kittens and Jesus. You like it or not – those two trump all great content you can provide. No discussion, hands down.

–          Przemek Kucia

So tell me, are you a dog person or cat person? I myself am more on dog side of spectrum ^^ Share in comments!

Photos came from and ownership is due to their respective authors.

To all you Katzy people there is blog just right for you And for you Dear Dog People there is this jewel

9 thoughts on “Best blog post and secret to traffic and engagement

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      Aren’t they? Maybe I should focus on finding these jewels of cuteness instead of everything else 😀 I had so much pleasure in sharing those

      Thanks for commenting ^^

  1. Eric Tonningsen says:

    Dog person here. And when it comes to blogs, I’ll easily read/follow those with substantive messages over images. This is why I steer clear of other social media platforms, especially those that are short on content and photo/image-oriented. Preferences: to each our own, right Przemek? 🙂

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      Exactly right 🙂

      Yet we both have to face empirical evidence that value of escape or more engaging – entertainment, are (in aggregate) more demanded than utility and/or direction of attention/motivation.

      I’m more than happy to see that great blogs like yours are getting popularity and attention they inherently deserve. I’m just happy that Internet is a place with many faces 🙂

      Besides all that, I’m thinking exactly right now if those kind of posts from time to time are not what make analysis, utylity oriented blogs more “human”? You know what I mean? In sense that I’m not always obsessed with figuring things out through the day, so it is more authentic to show the lighter side on the blog too. Hmm…

      Anyway, thank you for engagement 🙂 It really means a lot to me.

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      I wish I was the author of those 😉

      I know what you mean – On day to day basis I would like to spend my time in company of dogs. However had my fun with cats ^^ I really like their “catching the imagined mouse” plays. I always had my hands scratched, but hey – this kind of cuteness comes with price 😉

      Thanks for the comment!

    • Przemek Kucia says:

      Yaay! Finally we’ve got a straight up cat person in thread! 😀 Welcome and get yourself cozy 🙂

      Thanks for engagement ^^

      PS. Your blog is very cool and Katzy 🙂

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