Body language education

Apart from all knowledge you can learn about meaning of body language, to be successful communicator you need to be fluent in using it. Meaning: You need to understand your own body. It’s reactions, subtle changes in tension, how hormones and stress affect your movements. You need to control it far further beyond hunched sitting position in your office box.


Both fields rely on perfect control of own body. Beautiful figures that seem so light and movement that seems so smooth – most of the time those are very hard (or impossible) to achieve without strengthening the muscles which we weren’t even aware of before. To move on and around the scene so it works for the story. To use gestures visible and understood as good form furthest seats back as well as the closest to the performer. These are perks we seem to forget while improving our communication skills.

Everyone talks about body language for few decades, but still – great body language is no more often to experience than inside theatres and operas. Why is that? In my opinion because in language classes we never mention communication itself and because drama and dance are treated as lowest tier of importance.


If you are reading this blog I presume you don’t have much (if any) school time before you. Dance classes with your spouse or sympathy should be first thing to consider. Sweat your ass of and get your up there as well – your body language will improve greatly.


Let us go through few illustrations:

Take for example open position used often in public speech. Dance teaches you to overcome hunching while opening certain figures. Your muscle memory and awareness of opening movement will definitely develop. Firm and steady openness feels powerful to the audience. In dance keeping the frame is one of the most basic skills. It will naturally improve your posture and change your habits of adapting to stressful and social situations. Also in dance, use of whole scene is among key competencies. It is also key in public speaking: to be aware of your position and that through change of position you can easily alter emotional states of audience.

Those are first which came to my mind – I’m sure you can find much more corresponding skills.

–          Przemek Kucia

Please like it. Please share it. And tell me: Have you ever taken dance course or class? Do you think it improved awareness of your own body? I did both as a child – drama and dance. Back then I never thought it’ll pay off like this.

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