How to talk about communicating and decision making

You cannot not communicate – this is great quote from Palo Alto school of communicology you can find in my About page. Everything you do, not do, or try to not communicate is an information you ultimately do communicate in some form.

Decisions – same as. Every behavior or lack of behavior is an end of some decision. Conscious or unconscious. I don’t care – your brain made it.

Now let’s talk about those two. As we are all always communicating and in decisive process, why on Earth no one is teaching us about effectiveness of both processes? I mean, we learn languages and math (and through math about logic), but in school there is not anything like: Look, every step you take is a decision. Young or adult you never escape it, so listen – here are effective theories about it. Same goes with communication.

Charisma Workshop takes the challenge!

Well, I’m certain that about decisive process and communication you can talk in terms of elegant simplicity. In my opinion, academic discussion is so high in clouds of thought-masturbation it cannot relate to everyday reality anymore. On the flipside, everyday discussions lack theoretic background and essential knowledge to discriminate between valuable statements and opinions based od obsolete presumptions.

To discuss about the most important fields of human existence in agile language and nimble thought! This is my mission. To put a collar of elegant and clear structure to complex ideas. I hope you give me feedback that will give me a chance to do just that!

–          Przemek Kucia

So tell me – what topic would you like me to cover? Or what you think about decisive process and communication yourself – please share.

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