Sweet Sunday Post – blogging personality

Post with kittens and puppies made me think about theme driven blogging (you can find it here). So you see, to this point I thought theme driven should contain that only theme – in my case public speaking and social interactions. Now it is obvious to me that it’s not really blogging in that case – it’s just a site with daily updates.


I don’t know the definition of blogging. Today I even don’t want to come up with one at all. Intuitively I think, blogging should transfer passion and personality. If I would to judge my personality just through this blog I would have to say I’m pretty much one dimensional, one track minded, overthinking everything and really strict about how people around me think. And believe me: that is true only to an extent.


That’s a bit tricky, because recently I don’t have much of “after hours”. My daily regime (yeah, the strictness is not bullshit, side part of me) starts around 6:20 AM > Work as Product Manager > Around 4:30 PM I get back to home > Eat something > See my absolutely fantastic girlfriend > Write or read to my Masters thesis > Write daily update for the blog > Get somewhat updated on the IT front > Go to sleep around 11 PM.

That being said I really enjoy gaming. Especially SimCity, Anno 2070 or lately I would want to play Europa Universalis IV. Up to the point I’ve got my job as PM I would play a lot of volleyball and as a kid I played tennis.

One of my biggest dreams was to stay and work at university, but at least in Poland, higher education is in real decline. Decline of quality as well as in terms of being viable option of stable career. I could stay on the topic of education forever – maybe I’ll talk about it another time. If I could do the same work as a blogger and consultant, well that would be just amazing.


I very often don’t like to generalize on such big scale as entire generation. However, a lot of features of Y generation fit to how I would think about myself and how I think about quality life. Especially when I think about the role of established institutions or forms and methods of organizing and managing work, education or social cooperation through local communities, nations and global community. This dissonance of what makes sense to me logically and practically and the state as it is now widened since I got my Political Science education. And/or had time to think about it on deeper level.

I think that Y generation will be the first to be taken to account not only for their IQ but also their Emotional intelligence. The more balanced the better.


That’s a bit of fake modesty, because I think this whole post was sweet ^^ (That’s the Y generation narcissism)

Skittles on the ground taken from wallbase.cc

Skittles on the ground taken from wallbase.cc

What if this image was a poetry? I think it would mean that even on the ground level, while you’re working your hands on dirt – you should allow yourself some rainbow, some dreams and pleasures.

– Przemek Kucia

Please, comment and share your thoughts =D What do you think about blogging, quality life or generations?

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