Be smarter thanks to flavonoids

Who want to be smarter, focus easier, be better in communication and decision making? Blueberries and berries in general are your IQ pills.


Wildly distributed in plants are responsible for many functions. For instance blue pigmentation in blueberries. What’s even cooler, among many positive perks they give us – flavonoids enhance our cognitive capabilities thanks to protective effect they put on neurons. Many studies proven that in fact we can improve executive functions of our brain, various memory functions and more general processing speed[1].

If your cognitive capacities are grater, working memory is more accessible, and you’re processing data faster, then you are in fact more intelligent.


Boosting your intelligence is one thing, taking care of your cognitive abilities, so your elder mind could stay sharp is other. Research suggest that putting more flavonoid rich foods into our diets we could do just that.

Even in very high amounts flavonoids do not cause unwanted side effects, so blueberries are amongst healthiest foods around.

It would be arrogant and irresponsible not to put more of flavonoid rich foods into our diets. And unenjoyable, because berries taste soo good ^^

Take care about your brain and it will take care about you!

Przemek Kucia

[1] A. Macready, O. Kennedy and others, Flavonoids and cognitive function: a review of human randomized controlled trial studies and recommendations for future studies, [ available 23.07.2014].

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