Sweet Monday Post – Entitlement of Y generation

As there are many temperaments. Personalities within temperament type. Habits and thought processes within personality types. Needs, wants and preferences to though. And many more individual situations that allude every typology. Yet, thanks to logic and natural need for adaptation we, as in collectively and each and every one individually, can be generalized into cultures, civilizations and entire generations of people with common denominator.


Revolution in communication.  We are not bound by locality to cherish community, we are not bound by written word to consume great writing, we can and aspire to be as individual as we can, yet the same time belong to something greater than we are by ourselves.

Technology, in some way independently got us to old school of social and political thought of personalism (whichever one you choose) or perhaps even more to Friedrich von Hayek’s true individualism.


This is where paradox could become irritating. There is no one proper way to behave and think. Or maybe to be more precise – no one could ever test it properly. As circumstances differ for each, and each generation. To maybe drop some of frustration, or put our thought denominator in understandable categories our drive to persona is called the sense of entitlement and narcissism.

Well, perhaps we have this sense, perhaps we are generation of narcissists – one I know for sure, other think in those terms and we are no good in judging our case. However I propose to indulge in what we do and how we want to do that. We are the youngest kids of the History, with our own, more vague challenges. Blunt tools as collectivism and goal orientation are no good with our precise tasks.


Friedrich von Hayek, Individualism: True and False. There is more to this book than the first time you read it. Hayek – a man ahead of his time. If you find a snatch of a time to read one another, make it anything from Ludwig von Mises. If you ever thought about being an individual and yet with yearning to belong – those people will help you understand the laws of social life behind it.

Przemek Kucia

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