The more money you make, the more you cannot consume it

There is a strict correlation between your income and stress you put on how you spend your time. It is only natural for we count our leisure as “non-productive” and/or we tend to calculate our time into money.

New economy and old Hygge

Since our work-hour is soo precious in quantifiable terms of cash, we do have problems with “spending time” on leisure which value is not that easy to measure. On top of that, the list of options that we can invest in is nearly endless so we have troubles choosing in fear we will waste one of few precious opportunities to relax.

These are circumstances that our rather primitive biological machinery can’t that easily adapt to.  It is true not only from psychological angle of anxiety attached to well “spending” our free time. It is true for our cognitive capabilities – there are studies that show we can’t quite better our experience with increased income over certain level (around 75 000$ a year). There is also the fact that often times increased income comes in pair with longer hours per day, hence there is less leisure time at hand to spend.

I don’t have one trick to rule them all as there is no such thing as pill for the happy life. Still there is definitely something to do around this problem and here is one of my suggestions:

There is a danish tradition called hygge that could be one of the components we need to thrive and not to loose ourselves in this new economy.

The easiest translation of hygge is “to cozy up”. It is the time and built up atmosphere of an evening when you meet with friends and cozy up in furry blankets, fire up candles and drink rich and full wine or beer.

Hygge everyday keeps anxiety away

As studies show, apart from genes, our actions are what determines our outlook on life. It is then vital to act on hyggeish attitude of building up that culture around us. In the cycle of ever-growing pace we live in we also need to break our belief that leisure time is somehow less valuable and only being busy enrich us. For the fact is that our best intuitive work is done by brain when we tend to think that it’s not working at all.

Przemek Kucia

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